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How to clean two-component spray road marking machine

How to Properly Clean Two-component Spray Road Marking Machine

Years of industry experience have taught us that two-component spray road marking equipment should be cleaned promptly and correctly to ensure excellent marking results and efficiency. We will take Rays Traffic’s modified Graco 300MMA cold plastic spray marking equipment external 1:1 mixing as an example to explain How to properly clean two-component spray road marking machine.

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Automatic skip line cold paint road marking machine

Cold Paint Road Marking Machine with Automatic Skip Line System

Based on the requirements of customers, Rays Traffic develops the cold paint road marking machine with automatic skip line system. Now you can use this machine marking single solid lines, double solid lines, single skip lines, single solid line+single skip line in one pass, you can also mark black yellow color curb paintings.

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OEM Road Marking Machine for Middle East Customers

Cold Paint Line Striper OEM for Middle East Customer

Hot season of road marking machine is coming, these days we help produce more than 50sets hydraulic cold paint line striper for different customers. W-CPD Cold Paint road marking machine is really popular for most road line striping constructions. No matter for cold paint manufacturers, road marking machine distributors, or pavement marking contractors. W-CPD hydraulic line striper is more professional and cost-effective.

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Cold Plastic Road Marking Machine apply in airports

MMA Pavement Markings

MMA pavement markings is a type of durable marking material. It is commonly used for high-traffic areas such as highways, airports, city roads and industrial sites. Long-lasting and highly visible road marking is essential for road safety and traffic management. It is also used for marking parking lots, bike lanes, and other areas where clear and permanent marking is required.

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Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machine package before delivery_Rays Traffic

4 Sets Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machine Package Before Delivery

Because cold plastic line markings can reflect continuesly, last longer and are environmentally friendly. Therefore, more and more pavement marking projects require the application of two-component road markings. Two-component spray line marking is the most economical, fastest and easiest construction among all two-component road markings. Today, a customer ordered 4 sets Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machines.

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Driving Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Test before Delivery-Rays Traffic

Driving Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Test before Delivery

“Customer First” company principle of Rays Traffic. For every road marking machine dispatching from our company, we must test repeatedly before packing. Only we confirmed the machine is ok, then it will be shipped then. For general hot-melt line marking machine, we will use glass beads to mark lines on road surface to test the line pattern. For customized road marking equipment, we will use paint to test the machine, only after passing the test result, we will arrange packaging and delivery.

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Stripe Rainbow Road Marking Lines by W-CPD Cold Paint Linelazer-Rays Traffic

Stripe Rainbow Road Marking Lines In One Pass

As we know, the main road marking line colors are white and yellow. Rainbow road marking can be red, yellow, blue three colors. Or some rainbow road markings will be 7 colors line. These years this type coloful line is more and more popular. Some contractors use one cold paint line striping machine to mark different colors one by one. After one color is finished, workers shall clean machine, and then spray the second color, then clean machine and spray the third color. However, this construction method is very slow…

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Curb Painting by Rays Traffic Graco 300DC

5 Ways to Mark Curb Painting Lines

Curb stones painting lines are more and more popular in highways, bridges, urban streets, pedestrian streets, and even communities.How to mark curb painting lines? There are 5 common construction methods as follows. The most common way to paint curbstones is by hand. First paint full area of the background color into a light color (yellow), and then cover it with a dark (black) color. In order to improve construction efficiency, workers will hold spray gun + template to paint the curbstones.

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W-TCS Dual Color Road Marking Machine apply Reflective Vertical Object Marking Lines 5

How to Apply Reflective Marking Lines on Tunnel Vertical Object?

Why Do We Need To Apply Reflctive Marking Lines On Tunnel Vertical Object? The reflective vertical object marking lines applied on tunnel can reflect light at night. It can be served as a warning in dark environment. As we all know, tunnels are generally dim. When drivers enter the tunnel, there will be differences in brightness. At this time, traffic accidents are more likely to occur. We recommended to use W-TCS Dual Color Cold Paint Machine. We customized vehicle-mounted cold spray gun holder and two glass bead dispensers. Machine can spray two colors one component road marking paint. The pneumatic beads system can spray glass beads into the vertical object marking paint.

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Automatic Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Case1

How to Improve Thermoplastic Road Marking Construction Efficiency

As we all know, the labor cost of thermoplastic road marking is getting higher and higher. And experienced hot-melt line marking workers need to be trained for many years. In some places, there is a situation where an experienced marking worker cannot be found with a high salary. Then the markets need easy-to-operate and high efficient road marking equipment to further improve construction efficiency. Our automatic thermoplastic road marking machine is designed accordingly.

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Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Marked Residential Areas (3)

Thermoplastic Paint Road Marking Applied In Residential Areas

Thermoplastic paint road marking are often applied in highways, city roads, streets, zebra crossing, etc. With more and more cars in residential areas, many parking lots, fire exits, and sports courts in residential areas need mark lines. The pictures and videos are of Shandong customer applied thermoplastic paint road markings in esidential areas. Workers firstly sprayed the blue cold paint channel, and then uses hand push hot melt road marking machine to mark the white borders on both sides. This combination of colors makes the plot lines beautiful during the day and good reflections at night.

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Two component dots road marking machine cases2

Two-component Dot Road Markings Applied in Xinjiang Desert Areas

The two-component dot line is more suitable for desert areas in Xinjiang due to its super high weather resistance, multi-directional light reflection, and strong drainage. Parts of the road are sprayed with dots lines. And some roads are first marked with 2K flat line as the base line, and then sprayed with 2K dot coatings. The thickness of the base line is 1.5mm, the thickness of the dot line is 4-5mm. The RL Dry Retroreflective Data is 359 mcd•m-2•lx-1. After 1 year, the base line is covered by sand, and the two-component dot road markings is still exposed, even at night, it still has a good reflective effect.

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