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Driving Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Test before Delivery

Last night, we test Dring Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine before delivery.

“Customer First” company principle of Rays Traffic. For every road marking machine dispatching from our company, we must test repeatedly before packing. Only we confirmed the machine is ok, then it will be shipped then. For general hot-melt line marking machine, we will use glass beads to mark lines on road surface to test the line pattern. For customized road marking equipment, we will use paint to test the machine, only after passing the test result, we will arrange packaging and delivery.

In the video, we tested W-TPD Driving Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine before delivery. Our customer ordered the machine with automatic skip-line function. So we heat thermoplastic paint first, and drop melted paint to road marking shoe, then mark long solid line and automatic skip lines. Workers only need set line length of and spacing on computer controller, machine will automatically apply skip lines. And the same time, glass bead diespenser will also automatically drop glass beads according to the skip lines. This can greatly save manpower, time and improves work efficiency.

This Driving Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine is becoming more and more popular, here are the advantages of this machine:

1. It can mark continuous solid line and skip line automatically.
2. Thermoplastic screed flat lines and profiled lines optional.
3. Max 3500-3800 square meter/working day.
4. Women can operate it within 1 hour.

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