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Cold Paint Line Striper OEM for Middle East Customer

Hot season of road marking machine is coming, these days we help produce more than 50sets hydraulic cold paint line striper for different customers.

Why W-CPD Cold Paint Road Marking Machine is Popular ?

W-CPD Cold Paint road marking machine is really popular for most road line striping constructions. No matter for cold paint manufacturers, road marking machine distributors, or pavement marking contractors. W-CPD hydraulic line striper is more professional and cost-effective. It can spray solvent-based traffic paint, waterborne and other one-component acrylic paint. Road marking workers can use this machine spray city roads, temporary for new roads, airport runways, or cover old lines, etc.

W-CPD Cold Paint road marking machine Advantages?

1. 10L Japan Dakin high-pressure hydraulic oil plunger pumps.
2. 12L Taiwan imported plunger pump supply high-pressure and big flow rate.
3. Best spray width: 50-600 mm width.
4. Single gun or Double guns optional.
5. Lazer Pointer for night working or parking lots.
6. Advanced vibration reduction system reduce spray gun shake.

W-CPD Cold Paint road marking machine Application?

*Single Road Lines
*Double Yellow Center Road Lines
*Zebra Crossing Lines
*Kerb/Curb Painting Lines
*Parking lots striping

OEM W-CPD Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

For branding customers, they wish to have their special road marking machine colors, special logo mark, customized functions, discuss with us now, we can try to develop and work together with you.

Hot season is coming, welcome to place orders.


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