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City Road Marking solutions

With the development of city traffic, more and more city roads, bridges, curbstones, and city streets require pavement marking lines to enhance the road safety and beauty. City road markings include thermoplastic paint application, cold paint spraying, and two-component line striping. At present, the main traffic line types are double solid line, dashed line, single solid line, convex line, zebra crossing, arrow, number, text, parking lots, etc.

Due to the large traffic flow on urban roads, temporary traffic control is required during pavement marking construction, which requires the road marking machine small , simple operation, and drying fast, thereby reducing traffic control time.

1. City Road Marking Solution A

Most of city roads marking lines are thermoplastic paint. Face to different road surface, the operation are different. For example, old asphalt pavement and cement pavement need to be primed before construction to increase the adhesion of hot-melt paint lines.

Before going to the construction site every day, first use thermoplastic preheater to melt the thermoplastic paint, so that you can apply at the construction site and reduce the waiting time. When you arrive at the construction site, put safety cones and warning signs first to ensure construction safety. Then clean the road dust, stones, etc., hit the water line, apply primer, preheat the hot melt road marking machine, and finally drop the melted paint into the applicator to start marking.

In some cities, zebra crossings lines, speed bumps, road edge lines, and blind roads will use convex road marking lines to serve as a warning.

2. City Road Marking Solution b

In cold ereas, thermoplastic paint road marking lines are easy to be removed by snow remover. The thickness of the cold spray marking line is only 0.2-0.4mm, the operation is simple, the cost is lower, as long as the temperature can be above 5 degrees, you can spray cold paint lines. So These city markings often use cold paint markings.

In addition, temporary marking and old line coverage also often use cold paint road marking lines. Choose the appropriate cold spray marking machine according to the project quantity. If the parking space and fire protection channel are the main, then the cold paint road marking machine with single gun will be the best choice. If most of the projects are single/double yellow/white lines, zebra crossings lines, and curbstones lines, we recommend to choose the hydraulic cold spray double gun marking machine. The large flow rated cold spray marking machine can ensure that the spray width is the same, the trimming is neat, line is pretty, and the road marking construction speed is fast.

3. City Road Marking Solution c

The organic content of the two-component paint is higher than 99.9%. The harmful substances released into the atmosphere during the curing process are almost zero. Compared with the hot melt marking construction, a large amount of LPG is consumed, and the hot melt paint is released during heating. The two-component marking is very environmentally friendly. And it has good adhesion, anti-fouling ability, anti-skid effect, marking lines will not produce when low temperature, will not soft when high temperature, almost no aging in use, which makes more and more developed cities to promote the two-component marking.

The thickness of the 2-component road marking line is from 0.4 to 5mm. It can be sprayed, screed, structured agglomerate, profiled dots lines, etc. Different two-component marking machines and coatings can be selected according to different tender requirements.


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