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Double Cylinder Hydraulic Preheater

Thermoplastic preheater is the main equipment for hot melt road marking constructions. Before starting marking lines, you need heat and melt the thermoplastic coatings to liquid status. So it is also called double tank boiler, hot melt kettle, thermoplastic kneader, hot melt preheater, etc.

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Details About Double Cylinder Hydraulic Preheater

Double cylinder thermoplastic preheater is used for heating, melting and mixing hot melt coating first, and then drop the melted thermoplastic paint to thermoplastic manual applicator and marking road lines. It is usually mounted on the trucks or trailer, especially long-distance large projects or different colors.

According to the burning mode, Thermoplastic preheater can usually be divided into 2 types: LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) boiler and LPG & Diesel dual-use boiler. According to the paint tank number, it can be divided into single cylinder preheater or double cylinder preheater. According to the preheater cylinder capacity, it can be divided into 2*200L, 2*250L, 2*300L. If you need other types, we can provide a customized service.

1. Electric starting diesel engine
18 HP diesel engine, of strong power and long service life. The diesel engine of the hot melt kettle is top 1 China- made brand, which last more than 100 years.

2. Bottom of the Pot
1)The high carbon alloy bottom of the pot comes with a thickness of 10 mm. Better thermal conductivity and no leakage of paint after long-time use.
2)The suspension design of the pot, instead of a supporting style. The bottom not easily to deform and no leakage of paint.
3)We guarantee the bottom of the pot won’t be burned through within 5 years.

When the bottom of the pot is out of shape, the stirring sleeve will not work smoothly (the sleeve keeps touching the deformed bottom until wearing it out). This will bring harm to the motor and flange. After a long time, the stirring system will break down.
The leakage of paint is actually due to the deformation of the bottom of the pot.

3. Thermal Insulation
1)There is a three-layer fire/flame retardant cotton and the cotton is thicker than 5cm. Higher speed of melting and fuel-saving!
2)Even if the temperature is lower than 10 degree centigrade in winter, there’s no need to reheat during lunch time. Both time and energy saving!

4.Quality Motor and Flange
1)The hydraulic motor we use is exported to Europe and America.
2)The flange is whole casting and of a strengthened diameter and thickness.
3)The motor and stirring system are more stable and unlikely to break down.

5. Stirring System
The hydraulic stirring system has a protective device.
The stirring shaft and sleeve/paddle are heat-resistant, Less likely to deform in long-term operation.

6. Direct Injection Ten-pin Plate Stove
1)Spray sleeve: 3mm thick stainless steel tube. No deformation, no cracking, no rust after long-time burning.
2)Fire core: stainless steel and copper material. High temperature resistance, more durable.



Technical Data

Diesel engine power

13.2KW(18HP) diesel engine

Diesel engine startup mode

Manual and electric start

Hydraulic motor power

13KW, import motor and the flange is whole casting, more durable

Transmission Model

Hydraulic transmission

Stirring system

Hydraulic stirring system with protective device

Heating Mode

Liquefied petroleum gas

The number of bottle


Cylinder structure

Suspended type, easy to Remove the entire cover plate when clean or maintain the cylinder

Insulation construction

Three layers of fire retardant cotton

Bottom of the pot material

High carbon steel alloy

Thickness of bottle bottom

10mm, no leakage of paint within 5 years

Panel material

Stainless steel

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

70L, please add 50-60L No. 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil

Heating temperature


Recommend discharge temperature



12 months

Delivery Time

Within 3-5 days after receipt of payment


CE certificate

Cylinder Capacity

2*200Liters, 2*250Liters, 2*300Liters

Heating Mode

Diesel & LPG dual-use, Liquefied petroleum gas

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