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Petrol Station Road Marking Solutions

The petrol station road marking requires safety first, no fire during construction, so thermoplastic paint can not be used for gas station. Line striping in petrol station should be high quality, fast drying, strong durability, wear resistance and high reflection. Generally, cold spray marking or two-component spray line marking are used to apply petrol station.

1. Use different color road markings to distinguish the refueling parking spaces.

At the petrol station, parking lots, signs ,exits and entrances shall be marked with different colors such as white and yellow. The parking area should be marked with red, green, blue and other bright colors and labels. When customers look at the ground, they can understand which gasoline machine should be parked if they add gasoline or diesel. This saves customers time and improves vehicle throughput.

2. Strip parking lots on both sides of the gasoline machine

In order to make full use of the refueling machine and increase the refueling speed, many petrol stations will strip parking lots on both sides of the refueling machine and extend the refueling pipe, so that 2 positions per machine can be achieved. At the same time, some gas stations with natural gas are particularly busy. These gas stations often change the parallel parking to angled echelon parking. So the gas tanker can accommodate 4-6 vehicles at the same time.

In general, workers use cold paint road marking machine spraying petrol station. Before you start cold paint construction, you need prepare road marking stencils and ropes, thinner, iron plate, cold line marking coating/traffic paint, and high pressure cold spray striper. First clean the road surface and use the rope to pre-mark parking lots and arrow waterlines. Remove the spray gun from the spray gun holder, spray the color of the parking area first, then spray the edge line of the parking space, and finally put the road marking stencils in the middle, then spray the oil number, oil name, and guide arrow, etc.


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