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Spray Two Component Cold Plastic Paint Machine

W-TCS1 MMA 1:1 intermix spray type 2K road marking machine is the common machine for cold plastic road marking constructions. It can spray two-component road marking paint, and other solvent-based, waterborne and other one-component cold paint. This machine spray highways, city roads,  zebra crossing lines, or cover old lines, etc.

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Details About Spray Two Component Cold Plastic Paint Machine

W-TCS1 Two-component cold plastic road marking machine is a special machine for spray MMA paint, it can 1:1 intermix the 2K cold plastic paint completely, and then spray through 1 gun. The machine comes with spray type glass beads dispenser, which can make the MMA paint with high retro-reflection. As we know, high retro-reflection means good reflective performance at night or rainy day.

The curing rate of the two-component coating can reach 99.9%. Compared with the traditional thermoplastic paint and cold spray marking lines, only very few harmful substances are volatilized into the air, so the MMA road marking constructions can greatly reduce air pollution. Especially PM2.5 pollution. So now more and more line striping projects choose cold plastic paint all-over the world.

1. High-pressure hydraulic plunger pump provide stable pressure.

Rays traffic spray type two component road marking machine use 2 pcs high-pressure hydraulic plunger pumps, the flow rate can reach 15L/min, this can provide enough pressure for the paint. And the hydraulic plunger pumps are inner auto-shuttle, compared with other outside shuttle, this structure don’t install other extra relays, encoders, so will reduce much issues.

2. Pneumatic glass bead spray system.

Instead of traditional drop type glass beads dispenser, we install Taiwan imported Jaguar air compressor, it can provide enough pressure to spray glass beads into MMA paint. So the cold plastic paint will comes with high retro-reflection.

3. Operation friendly.

We develop our machine operation friendly step by step, for this spray type cold plastic road marking machine, the brake lever on the right controls the spray gun, the brake lever on the left controls the front wheel positioning, automatic steering and glass bead spray. Sounds easy operation, right?

4.Special designed makes the spray gun adjustment easily.

You can adjust the height of the spray gun by rotating the screw nearby the spray gun, thus accurately adjusting the spray width easily.

5. Automobile wheels make the spray gun stable, which confirm the pretty road marking lines.

Automobile-grade tires have increased contact with the ground, good shock absorption, and the spray gun frame does not shake during road line constructions, making the line style very beautiful.


Technical Data


6.5HP Honda gasoline engine

Marking Method

Spray cold plastic 1:1 intermix

Air Compressor Air Output

Taiwan made Jaguar air compressor 0.09Nm3/min

Hydraulic Oil Tank

16L aluminum radiator hydraulic oil tank

Paint pump

Auto-shuttle hydraulic plunger pump

Max Working pressure


Spraying Flow

15L/ min

Maximum Nozzle size

Single gun: 0.039

Spraying width

50-600mm (adjustable)

Spraying thickness

0.2-0.4mm (adjustable)

Marking speed


Glass Beads System

Air pressure glass beads spray gun

Glass Beads Tank Capacity


Machine weight

N.W 190kg, G.W 250kg


1600*850*1100mm, 2.65CBM

Warranty Time

12 months

Delivery Time

Within 5-7 days after receipt of payment


CE Certificate

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