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Cold Paint Line Striper Machine

W-CPD1 Cold Paint Line Striper Machine is a high configuration plunger pump cold paint road marking machine. Japan imported hydraulic oil pump, large flow rate plunger pump, original imported Graco EZ-Align wheel system, Graco spray guns, Graco nozzles, etc. This machine can spray high viscosity solvent-based paint, the water based paint and other one-component cold paint. The paint is more uniform and can be stripped continuously. So it is suitable for professional cold spray road marking construction.

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Details About Cold Paint Line Striper Machine

W-CPD1 Cold paint line striper machine is often used for marking double yellow lines, zebra crossing line, kurb painting, parking lots. With 8.5L big flow rate, you can connect this machine with Line Driver, to keep lines pretty and reduce manpower.



W-CPD1 Cold paint line striper machine working principle. Through belts, the gasoline engine drives the hydraulic oil pump to rotate. The high-pressure hydraulic oil produced during the rotation of the hydraulic pump drives the hydraulic motor, which drives the plunger pump to move up and down, inhaling coatings from the suction pipe into the plunger pump. The high-pressure paint from the plunger pump is filtered in the filter and then goes into the spray gun, which is finally sprayed to the surface of the object through the gun.

*Japan Imported Hydraulic Pump
Perfectly cooperate with engine to ensure continuous hydraulic oil suction and stable pressure.

*8.5L Inner Auto-shuttle Plunger Pump
Big flow rate can suck enough paint and make lines more uniform.

*Honda GX200 Gasoline Engine
Contractor preferred-excellent power and proven reliability.

*Graco EZ-Align Front Wheel System
Simple way to keep tracking straight-no special tools needed.

*Suspended Engine Frame
Reduce vibration during machine running, ensure high line quality.

*Graco Spray Gun & Nozzle
Durable spray gun & nozzle cooperate with pump well, ensure pretty road marking lines.

*Durable Spray Gun Pull Line
Special pull line material makes it more wear-resistant.

*LED Lighting
Extra Led lighting marks road marking construction easy at night.

*Digital Display
The LCD shows the pressure of the pump in real time.

Technical Data

Marking method

Solvent-based paint, water based paint, other one-component paint


Honda 6.5HP gasoline engine

Paint pump

Auto-shuttle hydraulic plunger pump

Hydraulic oil pump

Japan imported hydraulic plunger pump

Maximum Nozzle size

Single gun 0.047, Double guns 0.034

Max Working pressure


Spraying Flow rate

8.5L/Min(hydraulic plunger pump)

Marking Speed


Hydraulic oil tank capacity


Machine weight

N.W 120KG, G.W 180KG


1700*820*1150mm, 1.9CBM

Warranty Time

12 months


CE Certificate

Delivery Time

Within 5-7 days after receipt of payment

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