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Manual Applicator

W-TPM Thermoplastic manual applicator also called hand-push/guided hot melt road marking machine. It is a portable thermoplastic handliner for road marking contractors who already have thermoplastic preheater.

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Details About Manual Applicator

W-TPM thermoplastic manual applicator is small line striping machine for thermoplastic paint constructions. It is supporting the use of thermoplastic preheater. It can striping straight lines, dot lines, arrows, zebra crossing lines, signs, etc.

Road marking contractors use hand push thermoplastic road marking machine in Highways, City Roads, Zebra crossing, Parking lots, etc.

1. Road Marking Width
1) Optional Screed Marking Hopper/Dies Size:

Machine comes with 15 cm road marking shoe and 20cm adjustable glass beads dispenser. 5/10/12/15/20/30/40/45/50 cm or (2/4/6/8/10/12/16/18/20 inch) optional. Other special sizes can also be customized.
2) Adjustable Glass Beads Dispenser Size:
20cm (10/15/20 cm adjustable)
50cm (30/40/45/50 cm adjustable)

2. Screed Road Marking Shoe
1) High-precision Marking Hopper: made of ductile iron material, more heat-resistant and wear-resistant compared to gray cast iron (used by other suppliers). Less likely to deform or leak paint after long-term use.
2) Floor edge Knife: made of imported alloy material, more wear-resistant and durable.
3) Rear Knife/Blade Plate: made of 40-chromium, more heat-resistant, not easy to deform and no leakage of paint.
4) More reasonable structure design
① Flexible Edge knife: adjustable according to the angle of road undulating, to ensure pretty lines, neat edge, uniform thickness.
② Front and rear heating system: adjustable firepower according to the temperature of air and coating, to ensure the best state of coating for construction.
5) 24-hour oil precision testing before delivery to ensure no leakage of paint.

3. Glass Beads Dispensers
1) Optional dispenser types (Hand-operated or Self-dropping Dispenser) to easily control the distributing quantity.
2) Glass beads dispensers work only when the hopper drops to the ground and meanwhile move forward. No glass beads are wasted.
3) One dispenser size for three different widths. Money saving.

4. Other Details
1) The unerring locator ensures the equipment walk straight.
2) Natural rubber wheels are wear and heat resistant.



Technical Data

Marking equipment

Manual screed road marking shoe

Paint tank capacity

100kg / 50L

Paint tank material

Double layer Stainless Steel

Heating Mode

Liquefied petroleum gas heating, 15kg LPG tank

Heat Temperature


Glass beads bin capacity


Marking width

Standard configuration 15cm road marking shoe

Marking thickness

1~3mm (adjustable)

Glass Beads Dispenser

Standard configuration 20cm glass beads dispenser
20cm(10/15/20cm adjustable)
50cm(30/40/45/50cm adjustable)

Distributing quantity



Wear resistance natural rubber wheel

Machine weight

N.W 130kg, G.W 195kg


1200*980*1120mm, 1.4CBM

Warranty Time

12 months

Delivery Time

Within 3-5 days after receipt of payment


CE Certificate

Optional Configuration

Double glass beads dispenser, Simple convex shoe

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