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Parking lot Marking Solutions

Parking lot marking, also known as parking lots striping. A good parking lot can provide a healthy parking environment. Drivers know how to park efficiently, then people’s lives will be more convenient, rather than more traffic jams. So the parking lots striping is very important. The parking lot marking needs to be designed, how big the venue is, how to divide it, how many parking lots can be marked, the size of the parking lot. Parking lot also needs to have guide arrows, handicap parking spaces, fire lane areas, entrance and exit arrows, etc.

1. Parking lot marking solution A

The traditional way to strip parking lots is to use a rope to pop the waterline first, then paste the masking paper, apply the road marking paint with a 15cm roller brush, and tear off the masking paper after the paint is dry. But this construction efficiency is too low, only suitable for small projects. Moreover, the repeated application of the roller brush makes the thickness of the paint uneven, and too thick paint easily full off.

2. Parking lot marking solution b

By far the most common paint used for parking lot marking is cold paint traffic paint, otherwise it will cause reflection, which will affect the driver’s identification and eventually lead to traffic accidents. You can use a cold spray road marking machine to strip parking lots, guide arrows, fire lane areas and more. You can adjust the width of the marking lines by adjusting the height of the spray gun. At the same time, don’t forget to prepare pavement stencils, so that you can spray pretty and professional signs, letters and numbers by holding the spray gun in your hand.

3. Parking lot marking solution c

In addition to epoxy floors, hot-melt marking lines can also be marked on asphalt and concrete parking lots surfaces. First clean the ground, pre-mark waterlines, heat thermoplastic paint, and then mark the parking lots and arrows with a hot melt manual applicator . If you mark underground parking lot, you should consider the height limit of the entrance of the parking lot. It is recommended to use parking lot thermoplastic kettle or all-in-one applicator for parking lots construction.


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