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Automatic Thermoplastic Convex Applicator

W-TPVS Thermoplastic Applicator Profile is self-propelled convex thermoplastic applicator to mark vibration lines. Rib lines makes the drivers feel more obvious and then slow down. So this noise line becomes popular allover the world to reduce traffic accidents.

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Details About Automatic Thermoplastic Convex Applicator

Vibration lines makes the drivers feel more obvious and then slow down. So this convex line becomes more and more widely used all around the world. Our designed W-TPVS automatic convex road marking machine can mark both raised lines and flat lines. In order to reduce traffic accidents, the highways edge lines, the entrance ramps, especially the deceleration zones nearby school, the blind roads, the edge lines of city streets, stops lines, etc. have been marked with convex lines.

The main spare parts of W-TPVS selfpropelled thermoplastic profile applicator are imported from Europe and America, To ensure pretty lines, operate easily, more durable. This configuration is much higher than other similar machine. It can mark both raised lines and flat lines, so you can use it as self-propelled thermoplastic applicator.

Road Marking Width:
1) Pneumatic Convex Line Marking Shoe Size:
10/15/20/30/45/50/60cm (4/6/8/12/18/24 inch) marking shoes optional, other special size also can be customized.
2) Adjustable Glass Beads Dispenser Size:
20 cm (10/15/20 cm adjustable)
45 cm (30/40/45 cm adjustable)

1. Imported Siemens computer control system, more stable, user-friendly.Digital display, easy to adjust the length and spacing of raised lines.
2. Imported Honda gasoline engine, high quality.
3. US imported Danfoss stepless speed change system, auto-moving forward and backward easily.
4. Italy imported solenoid valve and pneumatic components, high temperature resistance, less likely to break down.
5. Japan imported Omron encoder, Taiwan’s air compressor, to make spraying pressure more stable.
6. It can mark basic line and raising line at the same time.
7. The pattern and other size can be customized according to customers’ drawings.
8. Pneumatic vibration line shoe use high-quality imported alloy through special precision machining, high temperature resistance, anti-deformation, no leakage of paint, more durable. Flexible structure design, makes lines pretty, edges neat, thickness uniform.
9. One size glass bead dispenser can be adjusted in three sizes to save purchase costs.
10.Natural rubber wheels are wear and heat resistant.



Technical Data


Honda 5.5HP gasoline engine

Driving system

US made Danfoss hydraulic motor

Control system

Siemens Digital Intelligent Controller

Paint tank capacity


Glass beads bin capacity


Glass Beads Dispenser

20cm glass beads dispenser
(10/15/20cm adjustable)

Marking equipment

Pneumatic convex line marking shoe

Marking width

Standard Configuration 15cm convex marking shoe
10/15/20/30cm (optional), 45/50/60cm(customize)

Raising line height

0-8mm (adjustable)

Heat Temperature


Basic line height

1.5-3mm (adjustable)


Japan made Omron encoder

Air Compressor

Taiwan made Jaguar air compressor

Solenoid valve

Italy made solenoid valve

Max Gradeability

15 degree

Walking speed

Forward 10km/h, backward 6km/h

Work Speed

5km/h(depending on coat, thickness and worker experience)

Machine weight

N.W 260 kg, G.W 345kg


900*1260*1000mm, 1.8CBM

Warranty Time

12 months

Delivery Time

Within 3-5 days after receipt of payment


CE Certificate

Optional Configuration

Normal road marking shoe, Warn light, Line pattern customized

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