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Highways Road Marking Solutions

Highways road marking is the main part of traffic line striping constructions. Its main features are large line marking project volume and tight construction period. Many pavement marking contractors will have several construction teams and several sets of pavement line marking machine construct at the same time to improve work efficiency.

1. Highways Road Marking Solution A

Due to the high traffic volume on the highway roads and many cars still driving at night, highways request the highest standard in all road marking construction. Highways require long-term retention of markings, high brightness, and strong ability to reflect continuously. At present, hot melt marking is the most used.

Generally, at least one set 1200kg hydraulic double-cylinder hot melt kettle is equipped with two sets manual applicators. The two tanks of the thermoplastic boiler melt the paint at the same time. One manual applicator paint tank can contain 100kg melted thermoplastic paint, which can mark about 150m length 15cm wide line. Under the normal construction speed, 1 manual applicator tank of paint can be finished in 5 minutes. Therefore, during the highway construction, the hot melt kettle on the truck will continue to heat the paint and slowly follow the 2 manual applicator to improve the efficiency of road marking. Some contractors will also use 2-3 sets of hot melt kettle + manual applicators at the same time to develop road marking speed.

In recent years, with the continuous increase in labor costs, line driver has been greatly promoted. More and more workers would like to sit on the booster to push the thermoplastic manual applicator, which can greatly save manpower and increase the construction speed.

2. Highways Road Marking Solution b

The retention time of hot-melt marking paint is generally about 2 years. The retention time of two-component road marking paint lines can reach more than 5 years, and its continuous reflective ability is strong, so more and more highways will choose two-component road line.

The operation method of two-component spray line marking machine is similar to cold paint spray line marking machine. The difference is that two different two-component coatings are sprayed by two-component road marking machine, and the single-component acrylic coating is sprayed by cold paint road marking machine. You should clean the 2-component machine in time to prevent the paint solidifying inside and causing the spray gun to block.

Generally, the two-component marking machine will be equipped with line driver to develop road marking construction efficiency.


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