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W-TCTV Truck Mounted Cold Plastic Dots Road Marking Machine 98:2

W-TCTV Cold plastic profiled dots road marking machine is truck mounted type. With up to 900kg paint tank capacity, it will save much time for filling material break. It is much suitable for long distance or continuous dot line marking jobs.

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Details About W-TCTV Truck Mounted Cold Plastic Dots Road Marking Machine 98:2

The 2-component dots application material is a great solution for good visibility at rainy night, desert areas, tunnel edge line. Without base line, rain or dust will flow away from the gaps between dots. This will greatly improve the road safety.


*Pressurized Material Tank
Stainless steel material tanks are more durable. Paint tank with capacities of 900kg, two filling holes, save much time.

*Automatic agitator
Agitate paint completely after filling into paint tank.

*Pneumatic System
Big power electric generator, Taiwan Jaguar air compressor ensure stable air pressure to pneumatic systems.

*Computer Controller
PLC panel control each spare part works easily. Agitator and air compressor can not work at the same time for safety purpose.

*Manual Controller
All operation can be done on the manual controller. Press solid line button to mark lines continuously, save labor.

*Mixing System
98:2 internal mix method, cold plastic paint and hardener flow divided and meet in the last step, to avoid machine curing. Special designed structure mixing tube ensure paint and hardener fully mixing.

Line marking will shutdown immediately once there’s no hardener flow through Germany EGE flow monitor. Avoid paint waste or does not dry for long time.

*Pretty dots lines
Precisely machined sprayer ensure pretty, uniform dot line.

Pneumatic beads system ensure uniform beads distribution and perfect paint penetration.

*Automatic cleaning system
Clean mixing system, sprayer automatically during every stop, avoid paint cure inside the machine.

Easy to change from side to side for marking left and right.

Technical Data


Electric Generator 8KW

Marking method

Cold plastic profiled dots lane 98:2

Control system

Computer controller

Mix system

98:2, Fluid with Germany imported diaphragm pump

Air Compressor Air Output

Taiwan made Jaguar air compressor 0.42Nm3/min

Working Pressure


Paint tank capacity


Hardener tank capacity


Solidify monitoring system

Germany made EGE electronic flow controller

Cleaning agent capacity


Glass beads bin capacity


Marking width

Standard 15cm sprayer, 15/20cm(optional)

Dots No. In a row

15cm (4:5), 20cm (5:6)

Marking thickness

1.0~4.0mm (adjustable)

Glass Beads Dispenser

0-20cm (10/15/20cm adjustable)

Work Speed


Machine weight

N.W 750kg, G.W 1000kg


1450*1300*1600mm, Package size:
1600*1450*1770mm,1300*600*800mm ,4.8CBM

Warranty Time

12 months

Delivery Time

Within 25 days after receipt of payment


CE Certificate

Optional Configuration

Warn light, dots number customized

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