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Mountain Road Marking Solutions

Highly reflective mountain road marking lines are the important solution to reduce traffic accidents in mountain areas roads. Especially the retroreflection of the traffic lines at night. The convex lines on road edges, the sharp deceleration and the deceleration and shock lines when going up and down the slope, will remind the driver to be carefully and slow down.

In recent years, more and more mountain roads are under construction, and there are more and more supporting line striping projects. However, mountain roads are rugged and narrow, often with sharp turns and large slopes. Traditional hand-push marking machines are very difficult to implement in the mountainous areas with slopes, and the efficiency is low, which requires a self-propelled applicator or a driving type line marking striper.

1. Mountain Road Marking Solution A

Due to the difficulty in the construction of mountain road marking and the long retention time of the markings, most mountain road markings are hot-melt markings. Use double cylinder thermoplastic preheater heating the thermoplastic paint first, then drop the melted paint into thermoplastic manual applicator paint tank, then connect the line driver with manual applictor and marking lines. This will save much manpower when marking lines on the sloped road.

2. Mountain Road Marking Solution b

The self-propelled hot-melt vibration machine can mark the base line height of 1-3mm and the raised line height of 3-9mm. When cars driving on such high thickness lines, there are big noise and feel very obvious. On the edge of mountain roads, hot melt vibration lines are generally used. The obvious feel reminds the driver to pay attention to safety, especially the uphill and downhill sections and sharp turns with obstructed vision. Usually, we paint continuously horizontally convex lines to remind the driver to slow down speed, this can effectively reduce much traffic accidents.

3. Mountain Road Marking Solution c

The cold spray striper is small and light. After finishing the pre-marking waterlines, workers can easily push the cold spray marking machine construction. If it is a long-distance operation, you can install a booster to develop the line marking speed. In addition, the cold paint striper can also be placed on the truck, and the spray gun frame can be welded under the truck, so that it can be constructed normally even when there is a slope.

4. Mountain Road Marking Solution d

The two-component marking lines have strong adhesion and weather resistance, and the vision at night is very good. After 5-6 years, the coldplastic lines are still continues reflective. These advantages are particularly suitable for mountain road marking lines. Two-component spray marking applicaton is similar to cold paint marking, so more and more mountain roads use two-component spray marking now.


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