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Road Marking Retroreflectometer RL/Qd

In order to develop the road safety, road marking industry wish our pavement lines come with good visibility  at day and night. Road Marking Retroreflectometer is the professional instrument to measure the road marking lines visibility. Qd means Day visibility, RL means night visibility. Just press the button of Zehntner ZRM6006 Retroreflectometer, it can measure the day visibility Qd and night visibility RL within 2 seconds.

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Details About Road Marking Retroreflectometer RL/Qd

Zehntner ZRM6006 Retroreflectometer is made in Swiss, the measurement is very simply, there’s only one button just line iphone, so just press this button, ZRM6006 retroreflectometer will show you the day visibility and night visibility.  This ultrafast retroreflectometer can be used on all types of road marking lines, such as thermoplastic paint, 2-component paint, convex lines, and airport markings. The transflective luminous graphical display allows for excellent visibility under all lighting conditions, including bright sunlight.

ASTM E1710
ASTM E2177
ASTM E2302
EN 1436
EN 13197
CIE 54.2

Determination of night visibility (RL) of road and airport markings
Determination of day visibility (Qd) of road and airport markings
Use on all types of road and airport markings
Field and laboratory use
Quality assessment

Technical Data


Transflective luminous LCD display with LED backlight



Measurement Modes

R L dry (night visibility)
R L wet (night visibility)
Qd (day visibility)
°C/°F (ambient temperature)
rH % (relative humidity)

Measuring Area (W*L)

52mm x 218mm (2.05" x 8.6")

Measuring Range

RL: 0 – 4’000 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Qd: 0 – 400 mcd•m-2•lx-1
Measuring Accuracy
Repeatability ± 2 %

Observation Angle

EN 1436 & ASTM E2302: 2.29°
ASTM E1710: 1.05°

Illumination Angle

RL: EN 1436: 1.24°
RL: ASTM E1710: 88.76°
Qd: diffuse


6.4kg (14.1 lbs)

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F), non condensing

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