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Factory & School Road Marking Solutions

With the development of the economy, cars increasing fast, pavement lines are not only been applied to highways and urban transportation. More and more residential areas, factories, and schools and other relatively densely populated places mark road lines. There is not much traffic in these places and the road is not wide, so the width of the road striping line is 10cm. When mark these areas, you should consider the separation of people and vehicles, guide arrows, fire lane areas, etc.

1. Factory Road Marking Solution

For safe and efficient production, many factories will adopt 5S, ISO and other production management systems. This requires road lines to divide the raw materials, semi-finished products, processing areas, finished products areas, and waste areas in the production process. It is also necessary to distinguish the different types of products when you mark warehouse lines, so you can arrange dispatch soon. The production workshop marking lines should pay attention to the separation of people and vehicles to avoid safety accidents. You should strip parking lots, and retaining fire exits and evacuation passages in factory also. Most common factory pavement lines are cold paint or water-based traffic paint, some road lines outside will also use thermoplastic paint.

2. School Road Marking Solution

Students are the hope of a country’s future, and every child should pay attention to their personal safety from the moment they walk into the school entrance. Therefore, there will be a speed limit 30KM/H sign on both sides of the school entrance, and continuous hot-melt convex lines to remind drivers to slow down. There must be zebra crossings and fire lanes nearby school. The zebra crossing is 30/40/45/50cm wide, and the fire lanes are 10cm and 20cm wide. Both hot melt paint lines and cold spray marking paint lines can be used.

After entering the campus, you must mark guide arrows, lines and guardrails to separate the driveway and pedestrian passage. School playgrounds, plastic runways and basketball courts, football fields, etc. are generally sprayed with a 5cm cold spray lines using a cold paint striper.

3.Residential Area Road Marking Solution

The most important thing in the Residential area line striping is how to divide it reasonably and strip more parking spaces. The community line spray construction is generally small, so professional line marking contractors are not willing to accept such projects. Even if they are accepted, the quotation is usually very high. So more and more communities will buy small cold spray equipment and spray themselves. After watching the simple operation instruction, buy some cold spray paint and thinner, then can start marking lines.

Some high-end communities will spray yellow and black colors on the curb stones to serve as a warning. When you spray curb painting, the angle of the spray gun needs to be adjusted to cover the top and bottom of the curb stone. Cold spray machine with single or double guns can be used for spray curb painting.

In addition to factory line marking, school road markings, community line marking, more and more road marking, such as hospital marking, shopping mall marking, park lots marking, warehouse marking, scenic color marking, park landscape marking, etc. They’re also constantly being promoted.


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