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Graco 200DC Modified 2K Road Marking Machine External Mix 1:1

200DC two-component cold plastic spray line striper is a hydraulic airless road marking machine. It is based on the pure imported Graco Linelazer V200DC modification. It is the only China modified cold plastic traffic marking machine authorized by Graco. We research & develop this machine according to the actual situation of the line marking industry. This model can meet the most pavement marking application requirements. It can spray two-component paint, water-based paint, and solvent-based paint. This is mainly designed for two-component coatings, and very suitable for large-scale continuous marking requirements. Suitable for airport marking, highway marking, urban road marking, etc.

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Details About Graco 200DC Modified 2K Road Marking Machine External Mix 1:1

200DC two-component external mixing spray marking machine has all the advantages of Graco V200DC linelazer. SmartControl digital tracking system provides stable spray pressure, reducing pulsation and line changes. The tracking system will show you the job situation. The new design cooling fan can increase the air volume and keep the hydraulic pump cool. Uniquely designed hydraulic fluid tank with increased capacity and sustainable cooling system. This makes make operate for a long time. The long-life Chromex pump rod treatment is a proven and mature process, and the hardness is 4 times that of ordinary chromium. The EZ Align front wheel system ensures machine walk straightly.



1. Product Features

*U.S. imported oil-free air compressor
Light all-aluminum shell U.S. made air compressor can provice large air volume and good heat dissipation. It supply air to glass bead spray system and pneumatic spray gun system.

*Pneumatic spray gun system
The pneumatic switch design replaces the traditional draw-wire spray gun. It can control A/B guns spray or stop the same time to avoid single component. It is convenient to use, easier to adjust the gun, reducing broken down rate and maintenance costs.

*Glass beads spray system
The spraying pressure, flow rate and width are adjustable. The glass beads are sprayed evenly, which saves costs.

*Gun rack system
Simple, stable, without shaking. The lifting slide can be adjusted quickly and accurately, with a large lifting range. And the zebra crossing can be formed at one time. External mixing spray gun, the A and B components are mixed outside the gun, no need to wash the gun frequently, the equipment is not easy to solidify, and the line is relatively thick.

*Hydraulic Distribution System
1:1 distribution hydraulic pressure, forced synchronization A/B pump pressure is stable, the line is better, and the paint dosage is more accurate. The construction is more stable, there is no pulsation, no gun shrinkage, no partial material, no wavy lines, no single component.

*Piping, accessories, failure and maintenance rate
Pure American Graco V200DC pipe fittings (suction pipe, high pressure pipe, filter, side pipe), with strong resistance to pressure and corrosion. Long life, low failure and maintenance rate. The marking effect is better and the construction is safer.

*The machine is stable and labor-saving
The equipment is light, the weight distribution is reasonable, and the up and down slopes and turning are flexible. It is usually connected with line driver, so it is more stable and saving manpower.

2. Product Advantages:

*Large flow rate, up to 15 liters/minute flow rate improves line marking construction efficiency.
*Stable pressure, 15 meters long Graco tube, Graco dual pumps, these ensures stable spray gun pressure.
*The machine is light and easy to walk forward, backward and turn directions.
*Lines are beautiful, the marking line drawn by this model starts, ends, and the contour edge is clear without divergence

Technical Data

Marking method

Spray cold plastic external mix 1:1
Modified by pure Graco LineLazer V200DC double plunger pumps.

Suitable Paint

Cold plastic spray paint, Solvent-borne, Water-based paint


Honda 6.5HP gasoline engine

Air Compressor

U.S. imported oil-free air compressor

Paint pump

Double Graco auto-shuttle hydraulic plunger pump

Max Nozzle size

Single gun: 0.039, Double guns: 0.031

Max Working pressure


Spraying Flow rate

15L/ min

Marking Speed


Glass Beads System

Air pressure glass beads spray gun

Glass Beads Tank Capacity


Machine weight

N.W 180kg, G.W 250kg


1800*820*1150mm, 2.65CBM

Warranty Time

12 months



Delivery Time

Within 5-7 days after receipt of payment

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