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Road Marking Solution

Where there’re roads, there will have road marking lines. Rays Traffic will guide you choose the right road line striping equipment according to your application area, projects quantities, road marking experiences, and budgets. Here are the solutions for main road marking applications, you can read and study, or contact us directly.


Highways require long-term retention of markings, high brightness, and strong ability to reflect continuously. At present, hot melt marking is the most used…


City roads, bridges, curbstones require pavement marking lines to enhance the traffic safety. It includes thermoplastic paint, cold spray paint and two-component road marking…

Parking Lots

The parking lot striping needs to be designed. A good parking lot can provide a healthy parking environment. Drivers know how to park efficiently, to reduce traffic jams…

Factory & School

When mark residential areas, factories, schools road marking lines. You should consider the separation of people and vehicles, guide arrows, fire lane areas, etc…

Moutain Roads

Highly reflective mountain road marking lines are the important solution to reduce traffic accidents in mountain areas roads. Especially the reflection of the road markings at night…

Petrol Station

The petrol station road marking requires safety first, no fire during line marking construction, so thermoplastic paint can not be used for gas station…


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