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Four Common Thermoplastic Road Marking Problems and Solutions

During or after the process of thermoplastic paint road marking construction, you may meet some road line striping problems. With more than ten years of pavement marking industry experience, Rays Traffic is happy to share four common situations in hot melt paint application and how to solve these problems.

1. Thick and Long Stripes on the Line Surface

Cause: The paint flowing out during construction contains granular hard objects, such as scorched paint or pebbles.
Solution: Check the filter and remove all hard objects. Note: Avoid overheating, and clean the road surface before road marking construction.

2. there are bubbles on the surface of the road marking lines

Cause: 1) Wet road after rain, the air under the road or in the cracks expands and then passes through the wet thermoplastic paint.
2) The cement is not completely dry. After high-temperature thermoplastic coating applying on the wet cement, the water in the cement evaporates quickly, and the water vapor passes through the surface layer of the paint.
3) The primer is not completely dry, and the water evaporates through the liquid paint.
This problem is more obvious on new roads.
Solution: Reduce the temperature of the paint, let the primer completely dry, let the moisture completely evaporate, and let the cement road harden for a long time, then mark the road after the road surface is completely dry.
Note: If the paint temperature is too low during thermoplastic paint construction, the cured paint will easily fall off. In addition, don’t start construction immediately after rain, it’s better to wait for the road surface dry to be completely.

3.cracks on the thermoplastic line surface

Cause: The primer is applied too much through the wet paint. If the paint is too hard, it cannot cope with the elasticity of the soft asphalt pavement, and it is easy to appear at the edge of the marking.
Solution: Change the paint and let the asphalt stabilize before marking. Note: The temperature change in winter day and night is easy to cause this problem.

4. the surface of the pavement Marking line is sunken

Cause: The viscosity of the paint is too thick, which makes the thickness of the paint uneven during line striping construction.
Solution: Heat the thermoplastic paint first, dissolve the coating at 200-220 ℃, and stir evenly. Note: The road marking applicator must match the viscosity of the paint.


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