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How To Choose My First Road Marking Machine?

Many customers ask us which type of road marking machine will be the suitable one for them?

I suggest to choose the right types according to your road marking projects. For example, if your tender request MMA paint lines, you shall pick 2-component road marking machine, if your tender request thermoplastic convex lines, you should choose thermoplastic pre-heater and thermoplastic vibration applicator, etc.

Some customers didn’t do pavement line marking work before, they wish to join in road lane marking industry, and start their line marking constructions, they don’t have any operate experience, don’t have workers, don’t know the paint, etc. So many questions confuse them. From my opinion, cold paint road marking work will be the easy beginning for you.

Cold paint road marking lines are often apply parking lots, curb painting lines, zebra crossing lines, temporary road lines, and factory warehouses. Just need 2 workers, one pre-mark lines, one operate cold paint striper, and buy some cold paint, thinner, you can start your cold paint constructions. Sound easy, right?


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