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Which Paint is Used for Marking Road Lines?

There are 3 type of road marking materials are used for marking road lines. Cold paint, thermoplstic paint and 2 component road marking paint.

  • Cold Paint
Cold paint is usually include solvent-based traffic paint, waterborne and other one-component acrylic paint. The layer can be mark about 0.2–0.6mm thickness, which can last 3–6months normally. So cold paint are used for spray single lines, double lines, zebra crossing lines, parking lots striping, curb paint lines, airport runways, temporary for new roads, or cover old lines, etc.
There are many application of cold paint, you can use brush to mark small area. For professional road marking constructions, airless cold paint spray line striper is the common tools. This machine can spray paint uniform and stright, so the road lines will be pretty, and you can save much paint.
  • Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint
Thermoplastic paint is a powder paint, it is also called hot melt coating.  It is usually applyed 1–2.5mm thickness as usual in different level roads. As thermoplastic paint can last 2 years, hot paint marking is the main apply methods in roadline marking industry. It can be mostly used for highways, city streets.
Before you mark thermoplastic paint, you need to use thermoplastic preheater heat, melt thermoplastic paint first, after the paint are melted to liquid status, then drop the paint into manual thermoplastic applicator or some other road marking machine. Then mark paint onto the road surface.
  • 2-Component Road Marking Paint
Two component road marking paint is also called cold plastic road line paint. You should mix material A, material B, and hardner completely, then mark on pavement surfaces. With the advantages of high durability, low abrasion and low dirt ad-hesion. The reflective performance is much better than cold paint and thermoplastic paint.
Since the mixed paint will cure quickly, the construction of two-component paint requires higher workers and equipment. Before construction, workers must make sure that component A and component B cannot be added incorrectly to prevent pre-curing in the cold plastic marking machine. According to different line striping application, there’re spray, screed, vibration, structured agglomerate, dotlines, etc type cold plastic paint and machine.

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