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Rays Traffic Road Marking Equipment Passed CE Certificate

Rays Traffic has been focusing on the design, production and sales of road marking equipment. Strict production standards and testing processes will directly affect the quality of road marking equipment. With the development of the times, the production efficiency has now improved a lot. In order to ensure that the production can be carried out with confidence, and that there will be no problems in the customer’s use process, it is very important to conduct safety inspections on each product. The European Union CE Certification testing is mainly to conduct detailed testing on the safety, quality, and production materials of the product. After it is determined that the product is not dangerous, it can be successfully issued a certification, which is a mark of safety and conformity.

As we all know, road marking equipment is generally used for highway marking, urban road marking, airport marking, parking lot stripping, etc. The outdoor construction environment is harsh, and the machine faces long hours of wind and sun, especially in summer, where the asphalt pavement temperature is extremely high, and the thermoplastic paint machine has to be heated all the year round. This requires road marking machine must first ensure the safety of the life and property of the construction personnel during the use process.

In order to better serve customers, Rays Traffic’s road marking equipment has been produced in strict accordance with the EU CE standards. In the structural design of our products, the selection of core spare parts, and the cooperation between different systems, we firstly consider safe operation. Ensure the personal safety of customers during road marking construction. At the beginning of 2021, all of our road marking equipment passed the CE inspection by the EU authority. This not only obtained a permit when exporting to the Europe, but also strengthened customers’ confidence in our road marking equipment.

CE certificate -Rays Traffic Road Marking Machine
CE certificate -Rays Traffic Road Marking Machine

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