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4 Sets Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machine Package Before Delivery

Because cold plastic line markings can reflect continuesly, last longer and are environmentally friendly. Therefore, more and more pavement marking projects require the application of two-component road markings. Two-component spray line marking is the most economical, fastest and easiest construction among all two-component road markings. Today, a customer ordered 4 sets Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machines.

Combining two Graco 300 plunger pumps into one, Graco 300MMA modified Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machine comes with External 1:1 and Internal Mix 1:1 mixing system. It can spray highways, city roads, airport runways, zebra crossing lines, etc.

Graco 300MMA package before delivery_Rays Traffic

1. Graco 300MMA External 1:1 System

Many road marking contractors are good at using cold paint line stripers. External Mix 1:1 cold plastic road marking machine combines two cold paint line striper into one. Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machine has two plunger pumps, Pump A and Pump B. Pump A will suction part A paint, Pump B will suction mixed part B paint + hardener, and then the paint will be sprayed seperately through the A and B component spray guns. Then they will mix in air and falls on road surface. A, B components paint will cure on ground. This external 1:1 mix method can avoid the machine curing caused by operational errors, and is more suitable for newers.

2. Graco 300MMA Internal Mix 1:1 System

Graco 300MMA Cold Plastic Spray Road Marking Machine also includes Internal Mix 1:1 system. Pump A will suction part A paint, Pump B will suction mixed part B paint + hardener, and then the two paint will be mixed in mixing tube first, and then be sprayed on road surface. Experienced workers like to use internal mix 1:1 system, because paint can mix completely inside the mixing tube. And they don’t need to adjust spray guns often, this will improve a lot of work efficiency.

3. Graco 300MMA Autmatic Skip Line System

Graco 300MMA comes with Graco Smart Controller and automatic skip line system. Just need to set line and space length, machine can apply skip-line markings automatically. Connected with line driver, and automatic skip-line system, line striping contractors can improve much efficiency and productivity. It is very suitable for large-scale continuous marking projects. Below video is Graco 300MMA cold plastic spray machine applied airport pavement markings.

4. Graco 300MMA Can Spray Dual Color Cold Paint in One Pass

Graco 300MMA comes with two plunger pumps, so you can use this machine spray cold paint, water-based paint, solvent borne paint. Install cold paint spray guns rack, it can spray dual color airport holding position markings in one pass.

5. Graco 300MMA Can Spray Reflective Kerb Painting Lines Automatically

Graco 300MMA + automatic skip-line +special gun rack, you only need to set two line length and adjust the spraying angle, then you can mark yellow & black color curb painting lines in one pass. So that workers can easily mark two colors curbstone painting easily. Using our pneumatic glass beads system, curbstone will reflective at night. As shown in the video. The work speed is very fast.


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