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Stripe Rainbow Road Marking Lines In One Pass

As we know, the main road marking line colors are white and yellow. Rainbow road marking can be red, yellow, blue three colors. Or some rainbow road markings will be 7 colors line. These years this type coloful line is more and more popular.

1. Why rainbow road marking is popular now?

More and more Chinese Scenic spot/Moutains/Villages use rainbow road lines, this makes roads more pretty. With the development of economy, the road marking purpose is not only traffic safety, but also more beautiful, cultural and creative elements. More and more creative line marks will become the name card of cities…

2. How to stripe rainbow road marking lines in one pass?

We can mark dual color road lines by 1:1 external mix cold plastic spray road marking machine. This type machine have two paint pumps, to suction 2 different colors paint, and then spray dual color road lines in one pass. If we plan to mark 3 colors in one stroke, is it necessary to integrate three plunger pumps on one machine? The current technology is not very mature.

Some contractors use one cold paint line striping machine to mark different colors one by one. After one color is finished, workers shall clean machine, and then spray the second color, then clean machine and spray the third color. However, this construction method is very slow. It needs to mark three pre-mark lines first, and workers need to mark three times to finish three different color lines.

One of our customer is very clever. He bought three sets same W-CPD cold paint road marking machine. Workers load three machine on the truck, install the spray gun holder on the truck, put different colors of paint on different machines. And then one worker drive truck, the other work control three spray gun switches. Then you can get three color rainbow pavement marking lines in one pass.

W-CPD airless cold paint spray machine has a button to stripe long solid line. You only need to press the button after turning on the spray gun, and the machine will continue to spray lines. When you need to stop spraying, you only need to press the button again. When marking skip lines, worker controls the three spray gun switches, so that the broken line can be marked.

3. How to ensure rainbow road marking lines are sprayed evenly?

To stripe three color road markings at the same time, the most important thing is to ensure the width of the lines sprayed by the three cold paint marking machines is the same, and will not be wide or narrow. First it is necessary to ensure the paint is evenly stirred, to prevent the gun from blocking. In addition, the working pressure of paint pump is stable and the flow rate is stable. In this way, three road marking machines will spray colorful lines continuously uniform and evenly.


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