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5 Ways to Mark Curb Painting Lines

Curb stones painting lines are more and more popular in highways, bridges, urban streets, pedestrian streets, and even communities. The colors of yellow & black, white & black are mainly applied to the curb stones, which can be visually obvious. The yellow & black color is the strong contrast color, it can increase the warning effect at night, reminding the vehicles to pay attention to avoidance in the dark.

How to mark curb painting lines? There are 5 common construction methods as follows.

1. Mark Curb Painting Lines by Hand:Brush + Tape

The most common way to paint curbstones is by hand. First use a wire brush to clean the surface of the curb stone, then use a paint brush to brush the paint on the curb stone. There are two ways to paint two different colors of paint on the curb stones. Take black and yellow as an example: A. First paint full area of the background color into a light color (yellow), and then cover it with a dark (black) color. B. First paint a light color on a small area, paste the lines with tape, and then fill the lines with dark colors. After construction, remove the tape. However, the efficiency of these two construction methods is very low, and using a brush to paint, the paint consumption is relatively large, and the construction cost is high.

2. Mark Curb Painting Lines by Sprayer + Template

In order to improve construction efficiency, workers will hold spray gun + template to paint the curbstones. Because the edge of the paint sprayed by the sprayer is relatively fuzzy. it is necessary to cover the edge of the curb stone with a mold. If you need to mark two colors, place the mold on the curb stone, press it with the stones/tools, and spray the light color first; after the light color paint is dry, cover the light color with the mold, and then spray the dark paint, as shown in the network video below Show.

3. Mark Curb Painting Lines by Single Gun Cold Paint Line Striper

If the curb stone is not high, workers can push the single-gun cold paint line striper to spray the curb stone. If you spray two different colors of curbstones, you need to spray a light color first, and then spray black. Or prepare two machines, one for spraying light color in the front and vacating the position of dark curbstones, and the other machine for spraying dark paint. If the curb stone is high, then you need to spray with a hand-held spray gun, as the sprayer above.

4. Mark Curb Painting Lines by Double Guns Cold Spray Road Marking Machine

The hydraulic cold spray road marking machine has large flow, stable pressure and large spraying width. You can use a single gun or double guns, adjust the angle, and spray ordinary curbstones. If you need to spray two different colors, such as yellow & black curbstones, you need to spray yellow first and then black.

5. Mark Curb Painting Lines by Dual Color Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Dual color cold paint road marking machine + automatic skip-line function, you only need to set two line length and adjust the spraying angle, then you can mark yellow & black color curb painting lines in one pass. Since the dual color cold spray machine has 2 plunger pumps, the flow rate is large, you can connect with line driver. So that workers can easily mark two colors curbstone painting easily. If you need to spray walls, you need modify the heightening gun rack system. If the curbstone need reflective at night, you can install an automatic pneumatic glass beads system. As shown in the video. The work speed is very fast.

Above 5 ways are different ways to mark curb painting lines, you can choose according to the total amount of the project, construction period, labor cost, and your company strength. Any requirements, you can contact us also.


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