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How to Improve Thermoplastic Road Marking Construction Efficiency

As we all know, the labor cost of thermoplastic road marking is getting higher and higher. And experienced hot-melt line marking workers need to be trained for many years. In some places, there is a situation where an experienced marking worker cannot be found with a high salary. Then the markets need easy-to-operate and high efficient road marking equipment to further improve construction efficiency. Our automatic thermoplastic road marking machine is designed accordingly.

How to Develop Thermoplastic Road Marking Construction Efficiency? 

Firstly, we designed a driving type thermoplastic line marking machine to replace manual thermoplastic applicator. Workers do not need to push heavy equipment for a long time, which can greatly reduce the workload of workers. 

Secondly, after 8 upgrades and improvements, the computer controller of automatic thermoplastic line marking machine is now very simple to operate. If you can use your mobile phone, you can set the computer controller. This machine can mark skip-line manual or automaticly. 

Thirdly, no matter when stripping long solid lines or stripping skip lines, there is no need to lift the road marking hopper, just control the direction of the machine.

Above video shows our customer using the driving type thermoplastic line marking machine. Only 2-3 workers are needed, one worker is responsible for driving the truck and heating thermoplastic preheater. One worker is responsible for stripping the pre-marking line. And one worker is for marking road lines. All of workers shall to study how to use this automatic thermoplastic line striping machine. After 2 hours of training, customers can set the space and line length on computer controller. So machine can strip skip line automatically. When marking highway edge road lines, workers are even more relaxed. They only need to control the walking speed of the machine and align the pointer with the water line, then uniform and beautiful long solid line will be marked.


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