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Two-component road marking paint is also called coldplastic road marking coating, MMA.
According to application and project requirementscan, two-component coating can be divided into coldplastic spray coatings, coldplastic screed paint, two-component profiled coatings, two-component dots road line marking paint. According to its curing principle, it is divided into 1:1, 98:2 two-component coatings.

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Rays Traffic two-component line striping coating adopts Germany Evonik resin and high-reflective glass beads. It has the following advantages:

1) Excellent rainy night reflective performance. Rainy weather can better reflect, especially compared with hot melt and cold paint pavement marking.

2) Excellent drainage. Especially the two-component dot coatings, the raised dots can be 3-6mm thick, and the rainwater will flow through the gaps around the dots when it rains, so that the marking can be strongly reflective at night. Highways in desert areas also have the same advantages.

3) It has very good slip resistance.

4) The most environmentally friendly and wear-resistant material currently on the market.

5) Low VOC: curing at room temperature, excellent environmental performance; no harm to the health of workers (including staff), walkers, drivers, traffic police, etc.

6) High adhesion: The active acrylic resin can quickly wet on the road surface and quickly penetrate into the road surface material, and polymerize to form a macromolecular polymer through the cross-linking reaction, so that the marking has a strong adhesion to the road surface. Strong adhesion on the road, not easy to fall off.

7) Super wear resistance: the two components are polymerized to form a network molecular structure, each component in the coating is tightly combined into a dense whole, that is, the network molecular structure formed by the two components, making it a super large molecular weight Of polymer materials. The road marking coating made of polymer materials is not only durable and has super adhesion, but also suitable for various traffic roads.

MMA road marking paint has the advantages of high brightness, high wear resistance, resistance to deformation, reflective in rainy night, resistance to falling off, and high slip resistance, etc. More and more highways, urban roads, desert areas pavement lines choose coldplastic coatings.

Technical Data

Product Name:

MMA Two Component Road Marking Paint


RL-Continuous rainfall≥350mcd.m-2.lx-1

Anti slide swing valve:


Wear resistance:

≤35 mg

Curing time:

≤30 min

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